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The Pollitt Oilfield Group has been amongst the top performing oilfield services companies for over 30 years. Year on year we have expanded the services we provide while maintaining the very highest standards in the industry.

…amongst the top performing oilfield services companies for over 30 years.

Oil and Gas Facility Maintenance
Pollitt Oilfield International Inc. provides 24/7/365 service and maintenance dedicated to assisting clients to build, optimise and maintain their systems.

Fabrication, Installation and Commissioning
Pollitt Oilfield takes a “no surprises” approach to every project. Through meticulous planning and relentless tracking, we double-check our double-checks. We are successful because we have people who can and want to build exciting and challenging projects. Our attention to even the smallest details allow us to excel in service.

Plant Shutdowns and Turnarounds
Our experienced and versatile personnel effectively minimize our clients’ production downtime and costs by using thorough troubleshooting, preventative maintenance and optimization techniques as a matter of routine. We constantly review new technologies in order to improve performance and reduce costs for our clients.

Bulk Tank and Industrial Cleaning
The automatic oil tank cleaning and oil recovery system that we use makes the cleaning process easier, faster and more cost-efficient. The equipment we utilize is designed and manufactured in Scandinavia and employs non-man entry technology that is designed for optimum Health, Safety and Environmental performance.

Pipeline Services
When areas of corrosion or other damage on operating pipelines are identified, there are significant economic and environmental incentives for performing repair without removing the pipeline from service. Pollitt Oilfield International Inc. provides a variety of repair strategies to pipeline operators for a given repair.

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